From despise to forgiveness to prayer to hostility: Kemi Olunloyo, Davido’s longwalk to enmity


When the terrible news of Ifeanyi Adeleke, the love-child of Chioma Rowland and David Adeleke surfaced, several netizens expected sympathy or condolence from Kemi Olunloyo, the daughter of ex-Old Oyo governor.

But the controversial journalist shocked many, threw away courtesy and reactivated her enmity with the bereaved singer, David Adeleke. She revisited the horrible history she had with the singer and made it worse with harshtag #TheAdelekeGenerationalCurse.

Following Kemi’s reactions to Ifeanyi’s death and shocking unverified revelations about the Adeleke family on her social media accounts, many netizens have expressed worry and deep concerns about this strange and terrible development.


Is Kemi Olunloyo on a revenge mission? Is she working for some people who probably share different political interests with Davido? Is she working for one of Davido’s baby mamas?
These are questions on the lips of many netizens who have seen and listened to Kemi’s reactions on Ifeanyi’s death.

As many wonder what she wants and why she’s rudely trolling the singer, this reporter cross-examined the the terrible relationship between the duo especially how the rosy relationship (online) between the duo went sour.

How it started

Kemi Olunloyo, daughter of ex-governor of Old Oyo state was cool with David Adeleke popularly known as Davido until 2018 when Davido and his girlfriend, Chioma Rowland had misunderstandings.


images 20

A check by WITHIN NIGERIA revealed that the hostility between David Adeleke and Kemi Olunloyo started in 2018 when the controversial journalist wrote on his Twitter account that the singer is trying hard to relax from Chioma’s heartbreak.

Kemi Olunloyo wrote; “Close pals tell me Davido is trying hard to relax from the Chioma heartbreak by taking Jacuzzi baths for relaxation and posting several belated pictures in jets, parties etc. A close pal, D.B says he will be announcing soon that he has left the relationship and is moving on”.

David Adeleke who was probably angered by Kemi Olunloyo’s tweet rudely fired back at her, claiming she is quite rusty down there.
“Old ass woman needs some dick. I can tell it’s been a while, you’re quite rusty down there, and it needs oiling”, Davido responded.” – David Adeleke.

Minutes later, Kemi Olunloyo expressed her disappointment in Davido’s tweet and vowed to report him to his father, Deji Adeleke, whom she claimed is her childhood friend.

“I’m in tears as Davido says I need a dick! I’m calling Deji now to report him. DejiAdeleke is a childhood classmate back in the days aka Davido’s father. Omo rada rada being rude to me! His Illiterate fans don’t understand Journalism”, Olunloyo said.

Nigerian singer, David Adeleke popularly known as Davido simply commented cheap drugs with funny emojis. That was the beginning of a battle seemingly unending.

Angered by Davido’s response, Kemi Olunloyo called him names and further stated that Davido late mother, Veronica Adeleke who happened to be her friend back then in the United States of America died of drug overuse.

Following the altercations that happened between the duo, the controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo did not free Davido from her crawls as she pounds on him anytime she feels like.

She alleged that Davido never bought Chioma a Porsche and also claimed that the ‘IF’ crooner impregnated another lady.

On the 17th of May, 2019, Kemi Olunloyo called on David Adeleke alias Davido to be careful in his involvement in politics especially in Osun State.

Kemi Olunloyo wrote;


“An Instagram message got me arrested while doing my job. The phone number that opened that account was traced to Iyabo Ojo. This page is highly messing with national security. In national security, there are NO QUESTIONS! You are simply KILLED! You are considered a THREAT.

“If you need more help Google “Edward Snowden and Obama”, Barack tried to kill that guy for 8 years, unsuccessful. I worked as an informant with @torontopolice and know these things. Davido has a red cross? on Governor Oyetola’s face, he names the page an Operation, he has strong cultist boy ties, the DSS, Police and Cabal are watching. Nigeria has a PRESIDENT that will not tolerate bullshit.

“Now almost 55yo, I was 19yo when General Buhari ordered a minister kidnapped from UK for allegedly stealing £300M in the Shagari govt. He even used #mossad the Israeli security spies and forces. We were caught after Dikko was drugged on a crate and Nigeria was sanctioned. Those of u shouting that he should keep talking.

“Are you going to his funeral? You idiots? Are Shina and BRed talking loud making threats on behalf of their dad? Is Deji Adeleke the brother and Davido’s dad screaming? Only Davido has money abi? A boy, I repeat boy with no intelligence. You saw what Hon elect Oloye Akin Alabi said the other day. Having a penis doesn’t make you a father or even a man.

“We have an AGF Attorney General of Nigeria murdered in his Ibadan home, a sitting Head of State murdered in Aso Rock, even a Lawmaker killed here in Oyo state on Gubernatorial election day all not solved and Sugar’s suspects about to be released. If they cut Davido or his family down, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. Davido if you are reading, get very good security for your “official children” Hailey and Imade. You are compromising them. Being American or being in America means NOTHING. Buhari went to London to get a minister, Saudi agents to Turkey to kill a Journalist.”

Moment of prayer

On the 17th of June, 2020, Controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo said some word of prayers for Davido and Chioma as she prayed for their relationship.

Screenshot 20221108 073030 Facebook

The journalist who pointed out earlier that she has forgiven Davido over their long-lasting feud, has taken a step further with the artist.

Taking to Instagram, she shared that she wishes them well in their relationship as she prayed for marriage.

Sharing on Instagram, the journalist wrote: “…so help you God! Chioma my lover will change to Chioma my wifey… God bless all the kids.”

Moment of forgiveness

On September 4, 2021, the controversial journalist in a lengthy video uploaded on her official Instagram account revealed that she has forgiven David Adeleke professionally known as Davido.

Kemi Olunloyo said that third parties which includes singer Tiwa Savage called her for 90 minutes over the issue she had with Davido.

She also added that someone whom she refused to mention the name also said he wants to bring Davido to prostrate to her adding that Davido is scared and agreed that what he tweeted was the work of devil.

She accompanied the video with the caption;


A dire warning and appeal to the #Industryoftheworld🇳🇬NIGERIA. I sincerely mean everything I said in this video. DAVIDO I AM THE MOTHER HERE AND MY SINCERE APOLOGIES TO YOU THE SON. I HAVE ACCEPTED YOURS. FROM ALL THIRD PARTIES🙏🏾To all my fans please watch till the end and do your part. THANK YOU TO ALL. Sorry I rushed the editing of this video with #videocompressor”

Moment of violence

One would thought all issues have been buried after Kemi Olunloyo disclosed that she has forgiven Davido and prayed for him and his fiancee, Chioma. But the death of Ifeanyi exposed the unending malice or enmity between the duo.

images 18

When Davido’s only son, Ifeanyi got drowned and lost his life, the issue took another turn and became messier.

Kemi Olunloyo took to her Twitter’s page to react to the sad and tragic loss.

The controversial journalist said Davido did not kill his son, Ifeanyi rather a generational curse took the star of the family, saying she has fears for the rest of Singer’s kids.


According to Olunloyo, #TheAdelekeCurse is a docuseries based on several bad things happening in one elite Nigerian family.

She wrote:

#TheAdelekeCurse is a docuseries based on several bad things happening in one elite Nigerian family. The generational curse moves through one member and everywhere they go those around them start falling.

To break the curse takes a lot of cultural ingenuity.

Osun indigenes break curses at the water. The Osun are the only people in Nigeria to worship YEMOJA THE WATER GODDESS 🧎🏽🧜🏽‍♀️🙏🏾

Esabod is the only one who will explain how I broke the Olunloyo curse in 2015. I was the star of the family. Pls learn Culture. Even the Americans have plenty. Google the #KennedyCurse.

Hours after claiming that there is a generational curse I the Adeleke family, Olunloyo alleged that she was among those who took care of David Adeleke (Davido) as a child bit earned disrespect despite it.

Kemi Olunloyo maintained that it was humiliating and personal to her because she took care of Davido when he was a child.

Nobody know the hurt of being disgraced in front of 7M on Twitter. It is now 4 years. I can’t let go. I changed your diapers, fed you and 27 yrs later I’m a cheap drug user, mad woman and should go oil my pussy. I haven’t seen David since his mom’s funeral at 10yo.”

“Davido’s fans don’t know my feeling. Many wonder what he’s done to me for years and thought I was just obsessed with him. Now you know. Will you let one big rich musician talk to your mother like that? NO. But it’s OK for Madam Kemi Olunloyo?

October 20th is a day I will never forget. He can’t forget either.

To people supporting this disrespect
Money can’t buy Life.”

Barely 24 hours after her first two posts, Kemi Olunloyo continued her rants over Ifeanyi Adeleke’s demise and asked the Adeleke family to bury the dead body of their son at seat to appease the Goddess of water Yemoja.

Olunloyo while stating that Ifeanyi’s mother, Chioma failed her son added that Davido is not even mourning the kid.

I see more tragedy looming, the controversial journalist concluded.

Kemi Olunloyo wrote;

Today marks a week Ifeanyi Adeleke DIED‼️
Chioma Rowland failed her son. Davido is not even mourning the kid.
The Nanny and Cook are just a distraction.
Their son should be buried at sea to appease the Goddess of water Yemoja
I see more tragedy looming

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