Kamo Mphela Called Out For Leaving Her Mother In Poverty in Soweto

Recently, Kamo Mphela received backlash about her mother as she celebrated her New York billboard appearance on her Instagram. She had the chance to share her appearance on the well-known New York billboard, where many South African artists have also appeared, with her fans, but the response she received was not what she had anticipated or expected.
Fans and media outlets have claimed that Kamo Mphela does not look after her mother.
Although many people praised her for accomplishing so much at such a young age, others used the occasion to criticize her. According to rumours, Kamo is from Soweto, where she grew up, and life was less plentiful than it is now.
According to rumours, she was an elementary girl who lived in a simple home. However, many people claim that the money has changed her because she doesn’t take care of her mother.
South Africans immediately urged the celebrity to step up and assist her mother after one of the country’s most prominent entertainment bloggers revealed that Kamo has been allegedly neglecting her mother and hasn’t fixed the house she used to live in when she was younger.
In addition, her mother is an alcoholic and she has never stepped down to try and help her out.

Kamo Mphela -Image Credit: Instagram/Kamo Mphela
What was revealed made sense to many because Kamo is rarely seen with her mother and she is unknown to the media—but her father is.
Many people could draw connections and conclude that what was being revealed about her was accurate. As someone renowned for maintaining her composure in the face of negative media attention, Kamo hasn’t responded to any unkind accusations against her, and it doesn’t appear that she will.
It seems that the girl is just focused on securing the bag and nothing else really seems to matter to her. The revelation about her mom continues to disappoint many fans, and she is being called out for it.
Below are some of the comments made by people:
It’s so funny that she’s living large yet her mom is a struggling alcoholic in Soweto.
Kamo, you need to do better and help your mom. One day you will need these people that you are not helping.
It’s disappointing that you celebrate your wins with us, not your mom. Musa Khawula revealed all the tea about you.
@Amahle Mlotshwa
You are my inspiration; people will believe anything they hear online. I don’t think Musa was speaking the truth.
It’s rather sad that you choose not to help your mom, yet you are out here pretending that everything is well whilst she’s struggling in Soweto; shame on you.

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