Liquid Home’s LIT USD bundles. Are they any good?

Liquid Home has been offering USD packages on their FibroniX and WibroniX services, a bit of convenience for those of you that prefer paying in USD. These packages are running in parallel to the already existing ZW$ packages so merely a case of what is more convenient for you.

The LIT bundles are currently on promotion with a couple of bonus data for social media, Netflix, and YouTube.

This is a Liquid Home USD bundle promotion which is offering a host of benefits for customers paying in USD. The Benefits to be enjoyed include YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp & Netflix bundles.The promotion shall run for a period of three (3) months from the 27th of September 2022 to the 26th of December 2022.

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The LIT USD bundles

PackageFibroniX Speed Plus
Facebook & WhatsAppFibroniX Speed Plus
22.5GB WibroniX Speed Plus
Basic OwlFibroniX Speed Plus
NetflixFibroniX Speed Plus


Contents5GB normal data
5GB WhatsApp & Facebook22.5GB normal data
22.5GB bonus data45GB normal data
45GB night owl data100GB normal data
100GB Netflix data150GB normal data
150GB YouTube data

As you can see from the table it’s a bit of a mish-mash going on with the promo stuff. Each package is getting something different from the next meaning for a lot of Liquid Home customers, the package they can afford might not have the bonus data that is most useful to them.

What might make these USD LIT bundles more popular is if you can have the ability to select what you really want at any price point. From their selection, I feel the WibroniX clients are the ones getting the best value. Double the data which can access the whole internet. But the hectic side of things is when we involve TelOne’s USD bundles which are significantly cheaper than Liquid Home’s offerings.

PriceData Cap
Off-Peak Data 11pm-5am




US$60Uncapped (2TB FUP) Uncapped (2TB FUP)

Also on flexibility, TelOne bundles are available for ADSL, Fiber, or Blaze LTE subscribers. They are still offering a lot more value than the ZW$ packages even when the promotional data is excluded from the equation. So if you are already a Liquid Home subscriber with easy access to USD then these USD LIT bundles are worth giving a shot at.

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