WATCH: Durban Gen’s “Dr Ndabe” Lerato Nxumalo Fancy Home Renovations

Durban Gen actress Lerato Nxumalo,  displayed progress on her home renovations via Instagram. At only 23, the media personality recently made history as one of the youngest South African celebrities to purchase a home. She has already achieved what many others only dream of, and some people even older than her have yet to arrive where she is. Lerato continues to show many young girls that hard work does pay off and that a woman’s power is absolute. She recently came back from Sweden after she had been there to visit for a month, and her life seems too good to be true for many.
Lerato expressed gratitude for the opportunities that had come her way a few weeks ago. Many of her fans have congratulated her on her new home and for being able to afford such a comfortable lifestyle at such a young age.
The actress demonstrated how far she has come with decorating the house and generally redoing everything, she appears to be going through the renovation process alongside the fans. She tore down her old cupboards, removed the old floors and installed new ones. House renovation is expensive and it seems Lerato is up to the challenge given she owns a double-story house meaning double or triple the cost.
The media personality wants to make this space her own space.
Lerato Nxumalo – Image Credit : Instagram/Lerato Nxumalo
Before she showed off her new white kitchen, it was more of a dull brown colour. However, she completely changed everything and installed tiled walls and glossy cabinets; everything now looks fantastic. Fans couldn’t stop praising her success and progress, saying she has come a long way and still has a long way to go.
Watch Durban Gen’s “Dr Ndabe” Lerato Nxumalo fancy home renovations below:

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