Blood And Water Actress Gail Mabalane Wins Award For Her Hair Care Brand

Blood And Water Actress Gail Mabalane Wins Award For Her Hair Care Brand

Blood and Water actress Gail Mabalane is over the moon after she recently won an award for her hair care line.
She celebrated her win on Instagram and revealed that she did not anticipate the response to be so positive. Her company, Ethnogenics, is the best-selling and is the number-one position in premium hair care. She launched the brand a few months ago.
Gail disclosed that her experience with alopecia was the reason she began Ethnogenics. She has spoken candidly about her harrowing journey. She gushed:
“My baby @ethnogenics I couldn’t be more proud. After 7months of being on shelves, we reached #Number1 in premium hair care…and #Number1 in haircare online.
Thank you @clicks_sa for this incredible opportunity. Here’s to everyone who has supported us from the very beginning. To everyone who believes in me, the brand and buys it. Here’s to more knowledge, more authentic conversations and more growth. Here’s to #SmartHairCare🥂🖤”
Gail started a YouTube channel where she explained that she was losing her hair and had difficulty finding products to keep her head together and help with the issue. She chose to find a solution, which is how her brand Ethnogenics was born.

Gail wanted to offer a brand for men and women who struggle with alopecia. Seven months ago, she successfully got her products onto retail store shelves, and thanks to the backstory, customers adored the product. The top-selling item for hair care is currently both in-store and online.

Gail Mabalane – Image Credit: Instagram/Gail Mabalane

The girl thanked Clicks on Instagram for supporting her and putting her product on the market. She also thanked those who stood by her from the beginning and permitted her to speak about her journey of losing her hair.
Clicks gave Gail Mabalane the award because her hair care product performed well in a short amount of time.
Popular media figures and influencers praised the dedicated worker for maintaining consistency throughout her journey in the comments section.
Many people lauded her bravery for making a complex subject like alopecia acceptable.

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