Watch: Inside Gomora’s Asanda “Bukiwe Keva” Private Jet Trip

Watch: Inside Gomora’s Asanda “Bukiwe Keva” Private Jet Trip

Stunning actress Bukiwe Keva, better known as Asanda on Gomora, impressed fans by boarding a private jet and living her best life. Bukiwe shared the pictures on Instagram, showing how she was living it up.
The vacation’s focus was unmistakably Louis Vuitton because she was seen wearing an LV accessory in every photo. Although it is unclear where they were going, many people speculated that she was with her boyfriend.
She was having the best 5-star meals served on the private jet, with elegant cutlery and plates. She was covering herself with a Louis Vuitton blanket.
Bukiwe Keva -Image Credit : Instagram/Bukiwe Keva

Bukiwe appears to be content and happy where she is and isn’t particularly eager to return to land any time soon. After this trip, many of her fans realized that Louis Vuitton was probably her favourite and best fashion brand because she was rocking it the entire time—even her socks were from the high-end label.

Bukiwe Keva -Image Credit : Instagram/Bukiwe Keva

Fans have even given Bukiwe a new name: Mrs Soft Life. She is known for enjoying life’s grand gestures.
Her Instagram feed scrolls through one vacation after another, and she is still travelling to new locations. Bukiwe and the companion she travels with appear to merely pass the time on the aircraft as it flies around to destinations she is yet to disclose.
Many presumed that she would lose her soft life after she was fired from Gomora for a yet-to-be-disclosed reason over WhatsApp. However, Bukiwe has demonstrated that she can succeed without the paycheck from Gamora, and she still serves as an inspiration for many people who want to travel as she continues to lead her soft life.
Watch Gomora’s Asanda “Bukiwe Keva” private jet trip below:

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