Watch| Zimbabwean Woman Nabbed For Living With Dead Husband’s Corpse

Watch| Zimbabwean Woman Nabbed For Living With Dead Husband’s Corpse
A Chitungwiza woman has brought her community to a stand still after it emerged that she has been living with the corpse of her  dead husband, which was now in a decomposing state.
Woman Nabbed For Living With Dead Husband’s Corpse (Cred: H-metro)

As if this this is not enough, she has also been keeping her son, only identified as Grant, in the ceiling of her house for over a decade.
Neighbours claim they last saw him more than a dozen years ago.
“We used to see Grant 14 years ago and, after that, Gogo Mahlahla was the only person we would see.
“Taivawona vachibuda nekudzoka vakatakura bag ravo vakapfeka zvechechi.
“Her other children are based outside the country.
“Her husband was last seen in a wheelchair more than five years ago,” said the neighbour.
Gogo Mahlahla filed a sudden death report to police and the cops discovered the body of her husband in a decomposing state.
They called the Homicide Section to attend the scene. Police had to engage some volunteers to get Grant from the ceiling.
There were fears Grant could be violent, since he was not responding to questions from police detectives.
Watch the decomposing corpse being moved out;

Watch the son who’s been kept in the ceiling below;

Gogo Mahlahla told H-Metro that she married her late husband in 1992, and they had five children.
Grant was the fourth born and is aged 39.
“I joined church after discovering that evil spirits were haunting my family,” said Gogo Mahlahla.
“My husband suffered stroke in 1992 and had been on wheelchair until his death.
“My husband was refusing to accompany me to church to receive prophecies related to our family.
“Ndakaudzwa kuti Grant ndiye akadirwa mamhepo ose. “Andiparadzira midziyo yose inosanganisira geyser, television set and radio.
“He is a possessed man,” she said.
She refused to answer questions about why she was living with her husband’s corpse for days.

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