“We Have Not Forgotten” Lady Zamar Reminded Of False Rape Allegations Against Sjava As Bafana Sithole Case Gains Momentum

“We Have Not Forgotten” Lady Zamar Reminded Of False Rape Allegations Against Sjava As Bafana Sithole Case Gains Momentum
As the Bafana Sithole case gains momentum South Africans quickly reminded Lady Zamar that they hadn’t forgotten that she falsely accused musician Sjava of raping her. She received a wake-up call from Mzansi after a boy tragically took his own life after a girl at his school falsely accused him of rape. The girl later came forward to claim she was joking. South Africans quickly used that tale to remind others of the musician’s previous actions.
When the sad story of Bafana Sithole came to light, many fans tagged Lady Zamar. Twitter reminded her they hadn’t forgotten about when she went on Instagram to do a live and falsely accused Sjava of rape. Nearly ruining his entire career.
Fortunately, Sjava saved his career by recording her while speaking privately. During this conversation, she admitted that she said what she said because he wasn’t giving her attention.
Lady Zamar -Image Credit: Instagram/Lady Zamar
It all happened a few years ago, and both parties have put the past behind them, but that’s about it. Many South Africans continue to take the accusations she made very seriously. Many are curious as to why she was not sentenced to jail time for her actions.

She got away with it because lying is not a crime in South Africa, even if it hurts the party you are lying about. When followers continued to tag her in the post about the wrongfully accused boy, she responded and said she didn’t know why that was happening, but no one should ever falsely accuse another person of rape.
Although many of his fans claim that since she made those accusations, Sjava’s career has never been the same, and she cost him a lot of money.
Here are some of the comments below:
I need you guys to tag Lady Zamar so much about the Bafana Sithole tragedy because we haven’t forgotten what she did to that poor man.
Sadly, Lady Zamar did the same thing, and nothing was done to her, and we haven’t forgotten justice needs to prevail.
I’m so glad that people are making Lady Zamar a trend in the wake of the tragic Bafana story. She needs to realize what could have happened, and she was lucky Sjava didn’t commit suicide, although she ruined his career so much.
It’s sad that Lady Zamar once did the same thing. To think there are still some people supporting her it’s painful. People like her start such trends, and we haven’t forgotten.
This all reminds me of Lady Zamar. What a disgusting thing to do!

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