Durban Gen Actress Nelisiwe Sibiya Responds To Meme Trolling Her Teeth

Durban Gen Actress Nelisiwe Sibiya Responds To Meme Trolling Her Teeth

Durban Gen actress Nelisiwe Sibiya hit back at comments made on Facebook mocking the appearance of her teeth. She shared it on Instagram after finding what appeared to be a salvo at her teeth.
She uses both Instagram and Facebook, is moderately active on both, and reads virtually everything that is said about her. Nelisiwe has consistently emphasized that although her smile isn’t perfect, she still thinks it looks hot.
She added that even though she has unlimited resources to fix it, she will not do that because she cherishes her smile. Sibiya has declared that she will always embrace it, not just for herself but especially for children with teeth similar to hers.

Nelisiwe Sibiya -Image Credit : Instagram/Nelisiwe Sibiya

She continues to serve as an example for them and to convince them that having teeth different from the majority is not a problem. She made sure that it was clear that she didn’t find the post offensive by laughing it off. The meme in the post claimed that women with teeth resembling hers look like Pitbulls.

Nelisiwe Sibiya -Image Credit : Instagram/Nelisiwe Sibiya
They used her teeth as a point of reference, and she laughed it off, asking why they would call her Pitbull and pick her picture out of everyone else’s. The Durban Gen actress still demonstrates how tough she is and how nothing can get her.
Neliswe continues to embed herself as a Mzansi fav because of her ability to take jokes. The meme said she had teeth that resembled those of a pitbull and that women like her could kill someone if they want.
However, the meme also praised women with that appearance, and she appeared to enjoy it. Mzansi actors like Khaya Dladla found the joke hilarious and could not help but laugh along with her.

See meme making fun of Nelisiwe Sibiya’s teeth below:

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