In Pictures: Inside Thuso Mbedu’s Dubai vacation

Thuso Mbedu [Images: Instagram/Thuso Mbedu]

Thuso Mbedu recently disclosed that she is currently on vacation in Dubai. The media personality spent the entire year working on producing the now-popular film The Woman King. To welcome the festive season, she decided to pursue Summer by moving there just for a while to live her best life.
One South African celebrity renowned for not being afraid to pursue their dreams is Thuso. She is a courageous young lady who appears to be travelling alone. Even though she was alone and wasn’t travelling with anyone else, she seemed very much at ease.
Thuso Mbedu [Image Credit: Instagram/Thuso Mbedu] On her Instagram, she admitted that she had gone to see Lewis Hamilton, and given that she seems to be such a big fan of his, this was something that had been on her bucket list. She adhered to the adage that everyone and everything in Dubai should be modest, which is a well-known fact.
She was spotted wearing an entirely black Muslim outfit, and despite wearing military green Nike sneakers, she looked stunning. She certainly gave the impression that she lives there permanently, but that wasn’t the only thing she did.

Thuso Mbedu -Image Credit: Instagram/Thuso Mbedu

Thuso also showed her fans how she flew through the air, even though she appeared a little frightened because she was being held by water for that activity. Nevertheless, she admitted to her fans that she tried to maintain a straight face despite feeling slightly uncomfortable.

Thuso Mbedu -Image Credit: Instagram/Thuso Mbedu
Thuso had only come to watch the F1 race at first, but everything else happened in the interim.  She was also seen trying to skateboard through the endless sand while wearing only a casual outfit
Thuso Mbedu -Image Credit: Instagram/Thuso Mbedu

Thuso Mbedu enjoyed the water on her Dubai trip because she went jet skiing, which seemed to be her favourite activity.

Thuso Mbedu -Image Credit: Instagram/Thuso Mbedu

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