Watch Bev Sibanda Involved In Public Fist Fight With A Man In Kwekwe

Watch Bev Sibanda Involved In Public Fist Fight With A Man In Kwekwe
Controversial raunchy dancer Beverly “Bev” Sibanda is making waves on social following the emergence of a video in which she was recorded during a public fist fight in Kwekwe.
In the video, Bev can be seen and heard exchanging words with a man whom she later charges towards with hand swings.
Bev Sibanda Involved In Public Fist Fight
Meanwhile, in the background, women who were secretly recording the altercation can be heard expressing disbelief at how light-skinned Bev has become over the years.
One is even heard saying, “ah kuita murungu, (she looks white).”
Watch the video below;

Also on iHarare, POWER FM listeners have boycotted the radio station after the cancellation of the Champions League breakfast show and the alleged suspension of the show hosts Pathisani Sibanda and Tinashe Chikuse.
In their place, the management introduced new hosts for The Morning Drive show which includes comedian, Nijo, who makes his debut on radio alongside Rachel and Rugare.
In a Facebook post making rounds, the station said the new team will be holding it down until the former hosts are back.
Are you ready?? Weekday mornings will never be the same again!
The Morning Drive on PowerFM Zimbabwe is here to fire up your mornings and get you going.
On The Go! 
On The Drive!
(holding it down till TCLB returns)
Reacting to the development, fans had this to say;
Hillary Takuh Tsomondo
But Dai muchimboziva hondo dzatokurwirai kunze uku vanhu vachiti munobhowa isu toti ndimi cream yedu 😂😂😂😂 management musadaro so dzosai ana Shumba hamunzwi kutyawo here kuti vanhu vachatii pamoita mamwe ma decisions aya radio is supposed to entertain us and isusu vacho we want ana Shumba zvee itai serious muda titange kutsvaga ma flash ekuridza here pamwe Miss Rach vacho havasi kutoda but muri kumbunyikidza mwana dzoserai vanhu panzvimbo dzavo #Shumbangadzidzoke  

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