WATCH: Sonia Mbele’s Son In Abuse Storm,Girlfriend Exposes Damning Evidence

Donell Mbele, the son of Sonia Mbele, is allegedly accused of abusing his girlfriend Omphile. Omphile, who has a large following on Instagram, recently admitted that her boyfriend had been physically and emotionally abusing her for a long time.
Omphile turned to her Instagram page to expose what happened after Donell allegedly tried to kill himself. She admitted that Sonia’s son managed to log onto her page and kept deleting everything she posted about him.
Omphile has been posting about the abuse she received from Donnel Mbele on social media. He came on and deleted everything she posted that exposed his true nature. When she eventually regained control of her page, she continued to expose his shenanigans on posts still visible on her Instagram profile.
Donell Mbele’s girlfriend-Image Credit: Instagram/K.edii
Donell Mbele’s girlfriend-Image Credit: Instagram/K.edii
Omphile shared images of herself with severe bruises, particularly on her face. She claims that Donell physically abused her, which is why she has a blue eye and bruises in the photos she posted. Additionally, she revealed a conversation in which Donell admitted to nearly killing her. He also acknowledged that he almost raped her.
Conversation between Donell and his girlfriend – Image Credit: Instagram/K.edii
In the chats, Donell was trying to end things with her due to all the wrongdoings he had committed against her. Neither Sonia Mbele nor her son has commented on the situation.
Well-known media figures defended her and expressed their belief in her in the comments section of her Instagram post. Below are a few of the comments:
I’m so sorry, my love; this is truly sickening.
Behind you all the way, sister!
Kgaugelo. Monama
We believe you and stand with you all the way; he’s an animal!
I’m sorry that this happened to you, but people should stop acting like Sonia Mbele is the one who sent him to do this; no mother would want his son behaving in this manner.
Sending love and light, we believe you!!

Watch Donell Mbele’s girlfriend exposing him and his abuse below:

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