Drama As Gogo Mahlahla Is Found With Her Son’s Nails In Court

Drama As Gogo Mahlahla Is Found With Her Son’s Nails In Court
There was drama at Chitungwiza Magistrates’ Court yesterday when Plaxedes Mahlahla , who is being accused of staying with her husband’s corpse for days, arrived carrying a bag with her son’s nails.
A local tabloid reports that Gogo Mahlahla pleaded with police officers to be excused to relieve herself, and suspecting that she could hurt herself, a policewoman was ordered to follow her to the toilet.
Drama As Gogo Mahlahla Is Found With Her Son’s Nails In Court  (cred: H-metro)

She said she found her taking out nails, belonging to her son, Grant, from her handbag.
“She panicked when I entered the toilet and found her holding the nails.
“Hanzi inzara dzakachekwa pamwana wangu Grant dzandirikurongedza.

“I asked her if the nails were necessary and she surrendered them to me,” the officer told a senior cop.
Gogo Mahlahla, is an ardent Johanne Masowe yeNyenyedzi Nomwe follower.
Meanwhile, Zimbabwean women are already marking their territory on the ‘ceiling man,’ Grant Mahlahla after he got a makeover and is now spotting a fresh look.
Mahlahla was found hiding in the ceiling of his parents’ house when the Zimbabwe Republic Police’s homicide section went to their house to investigate his mother for staying with the decomposing body of her husband.
After his discovery, he was taken into police custody where he tidied up.
Spotting him, women reckoned that he is handsome and some of them even started to mark territories.
Chipo Mbizvo

tichiti varume vashoma izvo vakawandiswa mumaceiling ekuchitungwiza 

Graciouse Gray Machingambi

He is handsome but the fact tht he looks like passion Java gets me confused as to whether he is really handsome or not

Brenda Zvikaramba

Handsome chaiyo. Muudzei kuti kune vanonzi maiTt anongoti hie Ku inbox kwavo

Thandie Mangwende

Someone out there was praying n fasting kti satan kubata kwawakaita kti ndisasangane nesoul mate yangu sunungura n e prayer was answered Grant pfacha

Marcy Dani

Zviya zvamunoti heee varume vashoma ana sis chiregaio kutora varume vedu, varume vakazara muma ceiling umu go find your own!

Thobekile Lindem

A better version of Passion Java… Uyu akanaka fani, so ceiling hides handsome men

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