Trending On Social Media Today | Watch Ceiling Man Break Silence | Zimbabweans Catch A Snake Vomiting S.A Rand | Watch Vapostori Praying In Harare CBD At Midnight 

Trending On Social Media Today

Trending On Social Media Today | Video – Ceiling Man Break Silence | Watch As Zimbabweans Catch A Snake Vomiting S.A Rand | Watch Vapostori Praying In Harare CBD At Midnight
Trending On Social Media Today
Watch As Zimbabweans Catch A Snake Vomiting S.A Rand
A video of people crowded around a car from which they had spotted a snake is making rounds on social media.
Voices from the video can be heard claiming that the snake had been vomiting South African Rand before it was killed.
Watch the video below;

This is what social media users had to say;

So after destroying someone’s car like that and causing an embarrassing scene like that l just have questions did any of your situation in life change? Did you wake up with a job offer? Did any of your actions benefit you in any way? Millionaires are busy minding there own business and y’all take importance in embarrassing people at what cost nhai?

Ummmm but thats not a car yemunhu ane mari? At times there are many genuine cases wr snakes get into cars esp engine area in search for warmth

 Grant From The Ceiling Speaks
Grant Mahlahla, the man who was recently found hiding in a ceiling has finally spoken about his disappearance.
Mahlahla’s friends and neighbours had told the media that they last saw him over a decade ago. This was his response.

CEILING COTTAGE: Listen Grant Mashasha speaking.
Video: Selector pic.twitter.com/jFVaTL7uz5
— H-Metro (@HMetro_) November 23, 2022

Watch Vapostori Praying In The Middle Of Harare CBD At Midnight
A video of four female vapostori praying in Harare CBD at midnight has left many in shock.
Watch the video below;

Cuthbert Muzhangiri

Ndovapositori vechokwadi zveavo vanonamatira nyika kuitira vanhu vazotungamurwawo nemunhu anoziva Mwari after maelections

Praise Chinowaita

Iwe warambidzwa here kuita zvaunoda nenguva yaunoda waiiteiwo muroad na12 idzodzo vaitoitira iwe urikutora vd kuti uwane basa nechekuposter dai vasina kudero nesu tingadai tisingatozivi kut unova usimumba husiku saka uchaita sei

Rue Rue

Apa pakafa vanhu 2 same time sometime last month Corner Robert Mugabe and Julius Nyerere and the third one was taken ne ambulance asi anga akugwinha gwinha

Ethel Chamunorwa

Ndounonzi muteuro wenyika unoitirwa pakati petown vanoita zvavanenge vatumwa nemweya

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