Watch: Hlomu Actress Mbalenhle Mavimbela Reveals She Wants To Be A DJ When The Wife Ends

Watch: Hlomu Actress Mbalenhle Mavimbela Reveals She Wants To Be A DJ When The Wife Ends
Mbalenhle Mavimbela, The Wife actress discusses her upcoming career move as a DJ. The adored actress recently shared on Instagram what she believes should be her next course of action while having a good time with her friends.
When Mbalenhle Mavimbela revealed that she was considering becoming a DJ or, instead, a rapper, she spoke in her native tongue. Although it doesn’t seem like she could do it, it appears that’s what she wants to do next. All actors need to find new sources of income because The Wife which made them famous is ending.
When it counts, there is only one option: becoming a musician. Fans, however, were unable to tell from the video whether she was being serious or humorous. The fact that many female actors transitioned from acting to the music industry is why some of them took it seriously.
Mbalenhle Mavimbela – Image Credit : Instagram/Mbalenhle Mavimbela
Famous media figures like Thuli Phongolo have achieved it, and Mbalenhle has demonstrated that the sky is the limit for her. In the video, she clarified that she doesn’t believe anything she mentioned could go wrong. The adored actress appears very interested in pursuing this career path.
As Hlomu on The Wife, Mbalenhle gained popularity. All of her fame came from the Showmax series. Fans are very interested to see how she does in a different industry because she rose to the top of Mzansi quickly. She has become a Mzansi favourite due to her acting.
She didn’t say where the random idea came from, but she seems eager to do it. Fans have proven that they can be biased when it comes to her because of the love they have for her. She also asked the fans who love her as Hlomu to please transition when she finally goes ahead with the idea. She asked them to move with her in everything she chooses to do, as their support means the world to her.
Watch The  Wife Actress Mbalenhle Mavimbela reveal she wants to be a DJ below:

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