Londie London Called Out For Not Paying Her Workers For The Evolve Festival

Londie London Called Out For Not Paying Her Workers For The Evolve Festival

Londie London has received criticism for failing to pay her employees for her Evolve Festival,
A few weeks ago, the popular personality pushed people to attend her festival nonstop. She spoke and posted exclusively about the festival on her Instagram account. She was able to make it all work and last week, Londie successfully held her Evolve festival in Witbank.
Londie still hasn’t paid the workers. Even though it was a success solely because they helped her maintain her composure. Many of her workers have criticized Londie London in the comments section of her Instagram posts. It appears that Londie London only paid some of the employees, namely the waiters. She still owes the waiters their tips despite not paying the other workers.
When they finally spoke with Londie directly, she shared a heartbreaking tale about how the speed points were broken. When the employees contacted the guy who lent Londie his speed points, he told them he couldn’t comprehend why they hadn’t received payment.
Londie London – Image Credit: Instagram/Londie London
Londie London still needs to pay off her debt to the Evolve Festival employees. Her fans have linked her failure to pay others because of how she recently divorced her wealthy husband. Many of the workers are not buying her story. South Africans hopped in to give their 2 cents on the deck.
Here are some of the comments:
I am one of the workers. It’s true, and we have yet to get paid. It’s been one sob story after the other.
These South African celebrities have no shame. These people helped her so much to make her festival a success, and this is how she repays them.
It’s rather sad that some people think treating those less privileged like this is okay.
This is because she broke up with her wealthy husband. This girl never had money issues before. It’s tough!
Watch Londie London’s Evolve Festival below:

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