Watch: Nasty C Asks To Squash Beef With A-Reece

Watch: Nasty C Asks To Squash Beef With A-Reece
Nasty C released a new song expressing regret over his beef with A-Reece. The two have been known to fight since they both became famous. The fans’ comparisons of them were a big reason for the feud. Fans have repeatedly compared Nasty C and A-Reece since 2016.
Nasty C made an appearance on Metro FM to discuss this trending song called No Big Deal. He acknowledged on Metro that he doesn’t even understand why they hate one another. Nasty accepts his part in it. The rapper continued by saying that he dislikes that A-Reece’s name is mentioned every time he is on an Instagram live.
Nasty C -Image Credit: Instagram/Nasty C
Nasty said he wished nothing he did had been compared to what A-Reece had accomplished. He tells A-Reece that he is ready to put an end to this in the song. Fans appear to enjoy the new song and its message. The song, which fans described as mature, still needs an answer from A-Reece.
A-Reece -Image Credit: Instagram/A-Reece
Many fans are excited about a potential album between the two. However, many don’t think that A-Reece will accept this apology. Many have instead described him as “too woke”.A-Reece recently dropped out of the South African Hip Hop Awards despite being nominated. Because of bold moves like that, fans believe he won’t come along to the party.
This is how fans reacted on Instagram:
Mondale Hungani
It is nice to see two of the best South African rappers mature. This beef was not only dividing them but the fans. Watch both their music blow up even more than before.
I hope they release a song together. It’s been long overdue. Imagine two GOATS coming together!
Big ups to Nasty C. It takes a real man to do something like this. I don’t know if A-Reece will react positively to this, though he can be at the top.
I hope they will work on a project together, big up Nasty.
Watch Nasty C asking to squash beef with A-Reece below

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