ZIFA suspends an ‘already suspended’ Joseph Mamutse

joseph mamutse 1 scaled

The Zimbabwe Football Association executive board has suspended General Secretary Joseph Mamutse for “failing to report for work”.

Mamutse had already been suspended from holding ZIFA duties in November last year.

The suspension came after the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) dissolved the football association’s board led by Felton Kamambo.

The SRC lifted the ban on other board members in June but Mamutse and Kamambo remained under the sanctions.

And when a new executive led by interim president Gift Banda officially took over the operations five months ago, Mamutse was told to return to work despite still being under the SRC suspension.

The General-Secretary didn’t report for duty, and the board resolved to suspend him at Friday’s Exco Meeting .

Meanwhile, FIFA and CAF are still refusing to recognise the Banda-led ZIFA executive.

The world football body ordered the SRC to reinstate Kamambo and Mamutse as the only condition to lift sanctions against the country.

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