Is it too late to invest in ZASH (Zimbocash) and Cryptocurrency in general

Investing in crypto has been one of the big news stories of 2020-1. Although the first Bitcoin was mined way back in 2009, it wasn’t until Bitcoin holders began being minted that crypto started grabbing the public’s attention. Now, new coins and tokens have flooded the market (like zimbocash), and more millionaires have been created, as some coins have rallied 1,000%, 2,000% or even more. When we look at the zimbocash story, on 10/10/2020, 1 zash was equal to 0,0026 USD and today(02/10/2021) its 0,0225. If you had USD 1,30 worth of Zash back then, it would have been USD 11,35 now.  In the midst of all of these incredible gains, the natural question is whether or not it’s too late to invest in Zimbocash-cryptocurrency. 

Zimbocash (zash) have a fixed supply of 4.5 billion tokens meaning no more coins will be created. This fixed supply combined with  increased demand and the automatically declining supply growth makes a solid case for zash to come out stronger and stronger.

As the zash token have shown - so far, its consistently climbing to new heights since day 1 and there is no coming back. Which means that there is no better time to buy zash than NOW because they are on sale. If you want to dive into the market, there is no better rate than today's rate!

All in all, its not too late to invest in zash. Go on and buy zash on exchanges like Bitglobal. If you are a Zimbabwean, zash is currently being allocated for free to everyone who register and verify their ID. Visit to get started.

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