Why Online Courses are Trending in Africa and What you can do about it.

Why Online Courses are Trending

Hundreds of university students across African countries take it to the streets each year to protest against high tuition fee, poor conditions and lack of equal access to education at their learning institutions.This is the case in Southern African countries where economical collapse(eg.Zimbabwe) have led to poor conditions at learning institutions. However, the introduction of open online courses is providing a lifeline for African students who desire to circumvent college entry difficulties PLUS conditions at colleges.

One of the greatest advantage of online courses is that they are available to an unlimited number of students, unlike learning institutions that require X students maximum. They are flexible in terms of studying time etc because you can learn 24/7.Some of the best e-learning platforms for different courses are even partnering with the best universities in the world.

Taking an online course could actually be the only means for those who lack opportunities for advancing their education. It is really valuable if you consider that it means access to some of the best experts in the world (If you are into tech like me, take a look at Treehouse[Those guys mastered the elements:air,earth,fire and water-trust me:))], an e-learning school for corders.

Another reason why online courses are trending is that people are realizing that you really don’t need a 4 year university degree to be an expert in SOME AREAS.This might be a controversial statement to some of my university going friends but look… Firstly i capitalized “SOME AREAS” meaning some areas of study may be difficult or inappropriate to learn online. Secondly, i am not the only one who think a 4 year degree is unnecessary to be proficient at something, Apple CEO Tim also thinks so, he said “I don’t think a 4 year degree is necessary to be proficient at coding. I think thats an old, traditional view.What we found out is that if we can get coding in the early days and have a progression of difficulty over the tenure of somebody’s high school years ‘by the time you graduate kids will be already writing apps that could be put on the app strore”.If you are at university right now, you may need to consider taking online courses too depending with your program.

Recently, Covid-19 has taught us the importance of technology in Education. With lock-downs and social distancing rules, there is only one place to get education: ONLINE

What you can do about it

If you are a corder/developer etc, create your own robust online learning platform. Employ expert part time or full time specialized teachers.Get people to enroll with you for a X dollars per month and make some money.Tip: If creating your own robust e-learning plartform takes too much of your time and resources all you need to do is 1.Purchase any of our webhosting packages plus domain name>>2.oneclick install Moodle from your cPanel account>>3.Upload content(partner with teachers, make videos,pdfs etc)>>4.Get students to enroll with you>>5.Make money.

If you are a teacher or an expert in a certain subject find work on any of Online learning platforms depending on your expertise and expected salary.For example, you can join Udemy-create and organise your videos, upload them and let people enroll.

If you are a university student: consider getting enrolled with some of the best online learning platforms for specialized courses. That will strengthen your knowledge in a particular subject you did partially or you didn’t do at your university.

If you are someone doing nothing, you are at home and you can’t afford university or college because you are a result of the economical situation in Zimbabwe then i highly recommend you get enrolled with e-learning platforms for a certain courses because they are cheap- some are free! For example Microverse you can learn online to become a professional remote software developer FOR FREE, you will pay when you get a job! How wonderfull is that? If you don’t get a job you don’t owe them! That means they will do their best to teach you relavant things that will make you a super software developer.

This is it.We can continue talking about it in the comments section below.

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